I would like to believe that living comfortably is a common goal. Because the body is destined to fall apart - we develop, mature, and slowly start to decay - we obsessively and impulsively develop tools and tricks in order to make the duration of our lifespan easier, and more enjoyable.

 The ever-growing amount of products that we consume in order to aid this comfort, willfully influences me. Temporal answers to our needs are often presented to us through advertising, and within half an hour of watching infomercials for creature comforts, I am presented with the oddest and most extreme ways to aid an individual’s routine. I can’t help but wonder how all of this odd excess will influence the generations to come: truly bringing them up, or merely weighting them down. 

My current work is developed from a very open idea: life, death, and the struggle in-between, and the devices used to comfort this struggle. My artistic practice involves translating these ideas into physical objects and imagery that are built off my own body, in commentary of the humorous (or even ludicrous) aids that are available and pushed upon the public. I am then able to present these works to the viewer to connect the viewer’s physicality, and to relate their personal experience. My challenge as an artist is to promote questions and develop puzzles through my objects and drawings.  Each piece becomes a lure in an investigative decoding process that is an abstracted idea of comfort, and how it relates to the body.

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